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Initially our contract period will be Yearly Basis. However, the contract may be terminated by either party with one Month’s Notice in writing or in Lieu of notice by passing an amount. However, we also reserve our right to terminate the contract without not paid for two consecutive months by due dates


Payment for our bills should be made within 7 days on receipt of the same failing which we shall charge @ 2% P.M. on the total outstanding amount. In case of any dispute with regard to payment the same may be settled as far as possible amicably or by legal process also as a last resort, but under no circumstances the payment of regular bill or our service will be withheld as the salary of our staff cannot be put on hold. .


  1. It is clearly understood that the contract is with agency in case you agree to above terms and conditions please return one copy of this letter duly signed by you in case acceptance of the same informing us the date and time for commencement of our service.
  2. It is made clear that no employee of our who has worked for you on your behalf shall be taken in your employment directly without our written consent and payment of compensation to us equivalent to his two month’s salary.
  3. None of our security p advance or loan etc. if done so, it will be at your risk and responsibility We do hopeyou will give us an opportunity to serve you and assure you of

Billing And Payments

  • The service provider will submit invoice to the clients on 30thof every month.
  • The client should be pay the payment on or before 7th of every month.
  • We request you to give us opportunity to serve you.Looking favorable response from your.
  • Thanking you & assuring you will find out best services all time 24 x 7-365 days.

Housekeeping Quotation 2020-2021

Sr.No Details Amount
1 Housekeeping With Material Per Month Working 2,65,000.00